About San Francisco Corporate Photographer Eric Millette

Eric has taken photographs of world leaders, big shot CEOs, and the occasional Olympic athlete and back-to-earth astronaut.  His photographs have been published in: Barrons, Bloomberg Markets, Business Week, Forbes, Golf Digest, Information Week, Modern Maturity, Mother Jones, Newsweek, Spirituality & Health, TIME, USA Today, Woman’s Day, and Worth. 


Eric’s other clients range from multinational corporations to philanthropic institutions and have included: Adobe Systems, Catholic Healthcare, Charles Schwab, the Gap, KKR Financial, Genentech, Omidyar Network, Stanford University, USAA, VMWare, and Wells Fargo.


He is co-founder of BigShotStock, a non-profit organization that helps photo buyers find stock photographs of big shots in the business, media, and political worlds.  He is also co-founder of Editorial Photographers (EP).  EP is a photographer’s advocacy group dedicated to improving the profitability of editorial photography.


Eric is originally from Boston, and now lives in San Francisco with his wife and their two sons.  When he is not taking photographs, Eric enjoys spending time with his family camping in the forest, calculating the output of their solar panels, and crushing grapes.  He is also enthusiastic about, and active in, the sport of archery.  Eric’s photographs may be viewed at www.ericmillette.com.